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Sedona Neuro-Fit, llc (SEDONA, ARIZONA) Synchrony2, llc (BOZEMAN, MONTANA)
                                                 Clinical neurotherapist. 
Combining the psychological and neurological self to create a better outcome for healing.
 My love of the human psyche, science, animals, holistic healing and laughter formed how I approach healing and wellness. A medical intuitive healer for over 25 years. 
                                         Where technology meets creativity for change. 
Neurotherapy offers improved resilience, optimal performance, and harmony for our mind's connection to the body-spirit-heart and gut.
Experiences include:
*Neurofeedback: learning to consciously control your brain.
*Biofeedback: creating changes in body functions.
*Creative wellness- counseling sessions with a creative approach.
Nature immersive:
* Take a guided, healing journey in the forrest to experience change. Forrest bathing is not only healthy,
it heals. Shoes optional. Ask!

  Honored to run the Olympic Torch 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. "Light the Fire Within" is engraved on the torch. A reminder for me to pass the torch to each person that comes into our shared space.