Some of my favorite client responses:

"Where science meets emotion." BH
"I learned to love again. How strange is that?" PS
"Positive change- no medication." NR
"I significantly improved my golf game." TW
"Feels like my brain is dancing." CK
"My PTSD is gone. I can breathe again." ES
"Thank you for giving my brain back. I am forever grateful." KP
"I can feel again." KP
"My brain waves are so cool. I am like superman I can do anything." JK age 5
"I learned nothing is wrong with me. Relief."TM

* My practice is located in two locations. 
 Bozeman, Montana in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 
Sedona, Arizona in the heart of the healing Red Rocks. 
*I've practiced as a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and licensed addiction counselor (LAC)  and medical intuitive healer for over 25 years.