Neurofeedback starts with a comprehensive assessment to determine how one's brainwaves are patterned. We then create a restorative plan of care, with training protocols designed to re-train the brainwave patterns. Treatment involves music and visuals to assist the brain in making changes. Consciously learn to control your brain using non invasive electrodes.

  • Category: Neurofeedback
  • Duration: 01:15 Hours
  • Address: Sedona, Arizona, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Located in the Village of Oak Creek




Neurofeedback sessions can be scheduled just one time to check out your brain waves, or can be scheduled one a week or more to address your concerns. 1-50 sessions depending on the concerns. It is very relaxing and most people fall asleep. Add on an extra 30 minute treatment of your choice for added benefit.